7 Tips To Develop And Maintain A Consistent Prayer Life

how to develop consistency

This step sounds easy, but this is where most people trip up. Don’t be mean to yourself, but make sure that you hold yourself accountable when you don’t reach a goal. You can do this by writing down your goals and progress. Breaking your larger goals into smaller, more achievable daily goals is another good way to hold yourself accountable. For example, you might block out calendar segments on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to return clients’ calls or pursue new business.

These tips can be used to make it easier to get through the period that is needed to establish a new habit in your life (about days or so in my experience). They can also be used after a habit is established because even then you will have bad days or slip up. I actually quite agree with you Cylon that the process involved in achieving a desired goal is very challenging. You’ve presented a new way of thinking for me. Now I see it all begins from the way we think.

Typically success in any field of endeavor initially requires that we commit ourselves to taking consistent daily action for next-to-no-reward. The rewards will, of course, come over time, however early on success demands that you put in the work with very little to show for your efforts. And this is of course where consistency-in-action comes into play. Consider for a moment a skill that you have developed over the years. Maybe you’re a good singer or guitar player. Maybe you’re a great dancer or can speak a foreign language very well.

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Because he doesn’t spend his time and energy deciding what clothes to wear and instead focuses on important agendas. As a computer programmer, Pierre Omidyar once thought of auctioning off products from his personal website, at a very personal level. He was getting happier by the day as traffic kept increasing. Omidyar crossed his designated milestones fast and one day saw the need to upgrade his account into a business Internet account. Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to get into the flow, allow yourself to make mistakes and not be perfect.

  • I’ve been able to become more consistent in many areas and there is no thing as perfection where every day is plain awesome.
  • If you would’ve known me a few years ago, you would’ve found me to be the most inconsistent person ever!
  • All the success story’s secret lies in the private life of the person’s consistent/routine attitude.Good consistency will make a good future.
  • Or maybe they do understand, but unfortunately just don’t have the necessary willpower to hold themselves back.
  • For entrepreneurs, help can come in many forms.
  • Because you are more likely to be productive coming off a focused morning routine.

If you don’t have a regular schedule and specific routines you follow each day, you are going to end up just doing things on a whim. If you ever have a bad day where your plans go off course, morning routines can help you get back on track the next morning. Since it would be hard to stay focused for that long. Because the key to sticking with a goal is consistent progress over time. I want you to find your fire and live the life you were born for. These journaling prompts are designed to help you get clear on your desires and get started on your journey to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Step 4: Focus On Forming Habits Instead Of Just Doing Things When You Feel Like It

Great post – ‘I am focused on the outcome and not the process’ was the answer i was looking for. Even you point out the correct reason why we lack consistency that is we don’t enjoy the process.

There will constantly be points in our creative practice where our projects are change direction, decrease momentum, pause, or cease altogether. “I love the word thrashing because that’s what we’re doing internally – think of it like fish out of water. When you thrash in the beginning of a project, you’re asking all of the questions so you avoid sabotaging yourself in the middle or end of a project. It’s about getting clarity for the path you’re about to go on,” he said. It would be difficult to find anyone who hasn’t struggled with procrastination.

  • When you have those days that feel like “same, same” reflect on how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go because you’ll then see how different your life is indeed.
  • Maybe you’re a great dancer or can speak a foreign language very well.
  • In the beginning, the child is shown the proper technique of how to shoot the ball.
  • If you’re having difficulty having a goal in life, maybe you can take some inspiration from other people’s experiences and stories.
  • Forgiving myself and moving on allows me to recover from setbacks faster than before.

Don’t buy into negative thoughts and doubts. There will be times when you might doubt yourself or the achievability of the task. Just set up a simple office or website and get things going. Reserve your mental energy and creativity for things that really matter in terms of your progress. But sometimes, unnecessary creativity can affect the efficiency and flow of things, making it difficult to sustain in the long run. My family and friends “knew” that I would quit on whatever I took initiative towards, and that made me doubt own ability to be consistent.

How To Be Consistent: 5 Steps To Get Things Done, All The Time

From this we can help others and also we can get help from other, at the same time we need to know their mindset, we need to keep/preserve right thing from deceptive one. Prescribed to us are obligatory 5 prayers a day, other than that we can perform as many voluntary prayers how to develop consistency as we are capable of. You can use tools such asBufferorSendibleto schedule regular and relevant social media updates on all your social media channels everyday – and save a lot of time too. Finally, my last tip is to remind yourself why you want a consistent prayer life.

And because we just don’t see that it makes a difference today or tomorrow, it effectively just doesn’t matter because it simply doesn’t register on our intellectual radar. And all this essentially comes down to is building good habits. This is of course not about perfect execution. Taking consistent massive action over time isn’t about trying to be perfect. It’s rather about continuously practicing what you need to do to be successful.

Think about how good you are going to feel when you achieve those long-term goals. Then, remember you were only going to hit them if you complete your to-do list every day. Furthermore, you will need to set boundaries for your personal relationships and commitments. These boundaries can make it easier for you to keep commitments because you know what to expect from other people. You are never going to take on too much if you set these boundaries.

how to develop consistency

It seemed “productive” for the first few weeks but eventually I couldn’t stay consistent and I started to burn out doing the things that were supposed to charge me up. I just start my day with morning prayers, have breakfast, and get to work. I want you to remember that you’re not going to wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly be consistent in everything you do.

How To Become More Consistent

Don’t let anything interfere with that writing time, especially when you are starting out. These are just a few examples of how to increase your self consistency, though there are many other things that can also help with this. Use these tips and any others that you find in your dedicated research, and you are well on your way to a life with more consistent habits. “Being organised is key, and preparing https://accounting-services.net/ multiple blog posts ahead of time when I’m at a loose end has helped me stick to my weekly schedule,” she adds. A day, week or month may go by where our personal goals are pushed or missed, but when we look back on our creative work as whole, we can see how far we have come. You, of course, won’t see much of a difference today, nor will you see a difference tomorrow, next week or even next month.

  • This concept is why mantras and self-talk are powerful.
  • Instead of sending it out across multiple channels at one time, consider when the best times for posting on each channel are and stagger your message accordingly.
  • Start by listing out these milestones on a planned timeline of your journey to realize your dreams and strike them out one after the other.
  • This may require some change in thinking so that you stay optimistic and productive throughout the process.
  • When you start with a non negotiable and set priorities to your goals, being consistent will seem far less daunting.
  • It’s so important to prioritize your goals and work on them in a way in which you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Now, consistency isn’t really the sexiest or most exciting word in personal development. But it is, coupled with time, what will give you real results in your life. There are so many ventures that I have pursued this year alone and have already fallen off. I’m going to follow the strategy that you are using to become a consistent writer and implement into my plan of action. Commit to the process you have identified for achieving your goals no matter how you’re feeling on any given day.

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Concerning trust, maintaining consistency in our actions can make us relevant and build our reputation to others, especially if you are in business or a leader in some endeavor. Consistent hard work leads to long-term results, and people would like to work with someone who has a proven track record of accomplishing things. In business, this can mean more opportunities for clients.

how to develop consistency

We don’t live in a time where food, shelter, and clothing are our major concerns. In the super busy era that we live in, it is quite natural for us to forget. But, this shall be no excuse for you to sacrifice on THAT ONE IDEA that hit you suddenly. And as planned, no matter what, I made sure I was posting the content out there. Maintaining consistency in writing is like getting up early in the morning. You don’t do it unless there is an important stand-up, failing to attend it, you will be fired.

Consider Your Posting Frequency Per Platform

She is an avid reader, a passionate public speaker, and dreams of an overflowing bookcase. This might sound poor but one thing I have learned the hard way is not to rely on memory. You certainly don’t have to try all of these tactics at once.

Preparing Yourself For Consistent Action

Put your phone in another room during dinner. For example, you might give yourself an hour each evening to read, take a bath, or watch TV. If a literary agent rejects your manuscript, figure out where next to send it, or look it over to see what might be improved. For example, if you’ve managed to complete your work by 5 pm every day for a week, take an evening off.

I encourage you to dig deep and think about why you want to be consistent with xyz. I suggest that you make a list of the areas you want to improve in your life.

Plan for potential failure, and don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake along the way. Block off realistic amounts of time for each task. If you’re uncertain how long a task will take, give yourself extra time to complete it. If you have certain exercise goals you are trying to reach, you should reward yourself when you reach them. For example, you may want to celebrate with a night out on the town if you find you are getting in better shape or being more consistent in your workout routine.

My Personal Struggle With Being Consistent Earlier In Life

We also offer one-time, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings centered around a schedule that works for you. I am a B.Tech/IT graduate with a total 11 Years of IT experience in Linux and High-Performance computing. When I was studying engineering, I publish this website. On this site I will give you an idea on Lab programs, Linux, Computer Graphics, Software components, and my IT experience. If you have any doubt about my article you can write to This website for those who need to learn and those who love to learn. I don’t believe in stressful hard work, instead, plan and doing everything organized in a smart way. Discipline is a good way for character building, and also increases knowledge about what you love instead of just doing your duties/labor.

Consistency requires hard work, a lot of patience and willpower. Both King David and the prophet Daniel, who was a leading governor in all of Babylon, scheduled their time of prayer in the morning, at noon, and in the evening time. If we want to be consistent in working out; we schedule a time for exercise.

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