Hot Vr Shinecon Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Vr Box With Remote

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Product details of Hot Vr Shinecon Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Vr Box With Remote

  • VR Headset for 360 viewing and gaming4th Generation Turn your smartphone into VR Suitable for 4.7″ – 6″ smart phones Soft and Comfortable Edges Makes gaming a New 3D world Adjustable Focal and Pupil Distance Compatible with iOS and Android Includes Bluetooth Remo

The Magical World of VR

Enter an alternate reality with these cool VR glasses. With this spectacular 3D VR device, you can experience the world of 3D on your phone. Experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR: Play 3D games, sail down a gondola in Venice, Sky dive over the Palm Jumeriah in Dubai, or become a character from your favorite movie. It is a Virtual Reality Headset for 360 viewing and gaming, complete with adjustable focal and pupil distance. No need to wear prescription glasses if myopia is less than 600 degress. The straps are adjustable to fit your face perfectly, thus making it more comfortable to wear for a longer time while lounging. Bring the cinema to your home with this VR Gamepad- the perfect entertainment system for everyone !Features VR Headset for 360 viewing and gaming For smartphone with screen size within 6″Compatible with iOS and Android Adjustable straps to fit your face Can be used without wearing prescription glasses if Myopia is less than 600 degrees Includes gaming remote

Directions for Use

Place your phone into the VR Box or connect via Bluetooth. Now you can enjoy the ‘big screen’ 3D effects, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Adjust the straps correctly before use so your head and neck will not feel sore from the weight of the device


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