Stainless Steel Icing Spatula – Black

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  • Best quality
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Adding Ease!

Wouldn’t you just love baking if you had the appropriate tools for your food preparations? Looking for a lovely heat resistant, easy to hold, great to serve spatula? Simple and practical, this spatula ensures adding ease and style to cooking. Durable and light, it is something that you are sure to adore. You can buy this product online in Pakistan,
Every blade was strong enough to hold a big dollop of frosting, but some were easier to use than others. We quickly formed a preference for blades offset to a roughly 30-degree angle, which was sharp enough to keep our hand a safe distance above the frosting (unlike one almost flat, 18-degree model) but far more comfortable than 40-degree blades when held vertically to frost the sides of layer cakes. Better blades also offered at least 6½ inches of flat usable surface area (the length of an offset spatula blade includes the angled “step”), allowing us to cover the radius of a 9-inch layer cake with wide, smooth strokes and provide support when we slid those cakes from the cooling rack to a cake stand. They were also very thin—ideally less than 1 millimeter thick—which made them easy to slide underneath cake layers.


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