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Magic Wash Floor Cleaning 360 Spin Mop

Product Description

Easy Spin Mop is like a semi-automatic floor cleaning washing machine. It has a washer part and dryer part. The Spinner works as a dryer – It squeezes the water and removes Dirt out of the microfiber mop cleaner (Spool) so that the Majic Wash is again ready to clean the floor. The process takes just a few seconds and requires no electricity. The cleaning part of the mop is made up of microfibers having more capacity to soak water. This one is safe for all types of flooring, as it soaks up big spills and shifts stubborn scuff marks in seconds. When used dry, it attracts dust and dirt particles like a magnet. The super-large, 360-degree rotating mop head allows you to cover more surface area and other hard-to-reach places and corners with ease. Large places like Malls/Halls/Bungalows can be cleaned easily and without pain.

I t can be widely used as a bucket mop, easy mop, magic mop, and leading floor mop manufacturer.


  • Bucket material: plastic
  • Mop pole material: stainless steel
  • Mop head material: absorbent microfiber
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Bucket dimensions: 46cm (L) x 21cm (H) x 27cm (W)
  • Mop pole dimensions: Handle = 95 to 120 cm (h) X Head = 17 cm (Diameter)
  • Bucket Capacity: 5Ltr


  • Light and Economical
  • Hand-press to spin dry
  • 360 Degree spinning mop head
  • Handle bend up-to 180 Degree
  • Extendable / retractable mop handle
  • Powerful spin basket dries efficiently
  • Durable bucket and handle
  • No Electricity required
  • Saves Water

Color: Blue

Material: Unbreakable Plastic


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